Sarsel Poodles


I’ve always loved dogs. From my grandparents dog, D.D. ( half-Labrador mix) to the shelter hound we adopted when I was three, named Barney, I’ve loved them all, and I’ve loved spending time with them and training them.

In college I dealt with several life limiting disabilities, and finally stumbled upon the idea of a service dog. Enter Debut.

APAWS Curtain Call, or Debut, was my introduction to poodles, and I was hooked! Here is a dog who is so smart, so empathic, so loving, it’s almost miraculous. I knew very quickly I could never not have a poodle.

The independence I gained as a service dog handler also could not be understated. 

I also began to earn performance titles with Debut, including a Versatility Certificate from Versatility in Poodles and several DMWYD trick titles.

I had someday hoped to breed poodles suitable for service work, and when Jillian Emerson of American Poodles at Work approached me about the opportunity to use her bitch Hope and raise a litter, I knew I couldn’t pass it up. I look forward to starting my line of Sarsel Poodles from this litter out of Hope.

We are located in the beautiful hills of Howard County, Maryland.

Upcoming Litter

Sarah and Debut the standard poodle in his service dog vest
Photo by Duda Photography