January 2022

Genesis x Hope

I am pleased to announce Sarsel Poodles’ first litter, URO2 U-CH APAWS Follow You Follow Me SPOT-ON ATD (“Genesis”) X APAWS Don’t Stop Believin’ ATD (“Hope”).

See our Facebook page for pics of pups as they grow.

Genesis is a working service dog and winner of multiple Total Dog awards. He is laid back and non-reactive.  He is 22 inches tall, and weighs 50 lbs. I am particularly excited about his temperament and what he will bring to the litter on that front. 




Hope is described by trainer Jillian Emerson: “Hope has an exquisite “follower” Service Dog personality. She is sweet, quiet, attentive and biddable, with just the right amount of confidence and social interest. This is paired with high food and praise/petting motivation and very low prey drive or care about the environment and distractions… an all around easy, trustworthy dog in all situations.” She is 19 inches and 35 lbs.


Both parents are CHIC qualified.. See Hope’s OFA links and Genesis’ OFA links.


Explanation of titles

URO2 United Rally Obedience level two, from the UKC

U-CH Conformation  Champion with the UKC

SPOT-ON  Specialized Pet Obedience Test, Outstanding Neighbor, from the UKC 

ATD Advanced Trick Dog title, from Do More With Your Dog

Total Dog– an award given at UKC events to a dog that both places in conformation and achieves a qualifying score in an performance event on the same weekend

What I expect from puppies

I expect puppies to have excellent prospects for service or therapy work, be laid back and non-reactive.

I expect puppies to mature between 20 -23 inches and around 35-45 lbs, with the possibility for heavier.  These puppies will be great for casual performance, or for the handler who wants a dog that learns quickly and loves to train but doesn’t want the “go-go-ness” of some performance dogs. 

Puppy Rearing

Puppies will be raised with Puppy Culture and I strongly recommend the new families continue the program. In addition to extensive socialization they will be started on basics of clicker training, manding*, litter box and house training, anti-resource guarding, problem solving, and the very basics of recall.


In addition puppies will start getting used to being shaved on their faces and feet, and being brushed on their bodies. 


Puppies are raised with praise and treats to motivate them, never punishment, and will be exposed to a wide variety of household noises such as cooking sounds and vacuum cleaners. They will be raised in the house, first in my bedroom, then spending time in the living room and kitchen.


Puppies will be sold with limited registration and spay/neuter agreements accept by prior arrangement.


Puppies will have natural tails and dew claws.


Link to Puppy Application available here


*Manding is a way for puppies to use their voice. To the outside observer it looks like puppies sitting for what they want, however a dog who is advanced at mending can communicate a great deal with it. Debut uses manding when it’s dinner time, when he wants to go outside, when he wants attention, anytime he wants something from me.